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Our Pledges To You

  • Integrity

    To have you at the heart of everything we do to include honesty, decency,
    consistency and courage

  • Respect

    To respect your cultural, religious, & ethical needs. To build great relationships with all of
    our communities

  • Listen

    We will listen to your needs, broaden our understanding of them and act
    upon them swiftly

Our Mission

The team at Dignity Wear aim to make a Global difference. We want to empower women to take back control of their right to expect maximum privacy and respect during routine gynecological procedures, no matter what cultural, religious or generational background. Our mission? To transform the Global patient experience through strategic partnerships with healthcare partners from around the world.


  • What if Your Patients Don’t Want to Take Their Clothes Off?

    Most patients understand that going to a physician involves a physical examination that may require removal of some or all of their clothing. And although they may not like being undressed in front of a stranger, they accept it as a necessary inconvenience of medical…

  • Men who die of embarrassment

    As Dignity Wear grows ever closer to launching, we are often approached by women who share with us that it’s not only them who have issues around exposure and embarrassment during routine GP visits but its their husbands, partners and fathers too, in particular relation…

  • London has the worst cervical cancer screening figures

    Last years National Statistics reported that London is the worst region for screening with age appropriate screening falling from 68.4% in 2015 to 66.7 in 2016.  Overall, Northern Ireland and Wales lead cervical screening coverage followed by Scotland then England. Over a five year period,…

Our Founder

Our founder Sally is just like any other women. Her drive and ambition to develop Dignity Wear came from a personal experience which prompted her to reflect on the exposure that women around the world have to endure when having routine gynaecological procedures. She set out on a mission to design a product which would afford every woman her right to modesty and dignity when undergoing those tests. Sally says, “We are no longer in that generation where we ‘have to get on with it’. Times are changing and women are changing. They want their voices to be heard loud and clear and they are from many cultural backgrounds with diverse needs.” The concept that is Dignity Wear was born.

Sally Benson C.E.O & Founder

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